torsdag den 5. maj 2016

Murder house - American horror story

Yesterday we went by the location they used for season one of American horror story, the infamous MURDER HOUSE! 

How it looks at night in real life 

Closed off to prevent fans from harresing the people living there. Yes people live there and the rumor is that they will AirnB it at some point! 
Wanna spend a night in the murder house? Well you might be able to! 

This is how it looks when the family in the show moves into the house 

This is at some other point in the show but I can't remember it. 

The changed the gates. The house has a glass extension and a big brick garage building next it. 

fredag den 29. april 2016

Physicians formula - tinted moisturizer and translucent powder

Rite aid had buy one, get one free and cosmetic skincare products from physicians formula, which is a brand that seemed interested so I decided that today was the day to try it. 
They are cruelty free. 

I took the marathonista tinted moisturizer because it said it could handle sweat even during your toughest workout, it's 70% organic, paraben free and got 40 broad spectrum SPF.
 I assume that tinted moisturizer would be like a BB creme: light texture and light to medium cover. 
Nope this is more like a foundation. It is fairly thick, highly pigmented and a bit too shiny for my taste. 
Nothing like I had hoped it to be. 
However I don't feel it on my skin so it doesn't feel as heavy as a foundation does and it might be less shiny if applies with brush or sponge instead of fingers. 
I think that if I mix it with a normal moisturizer it would be better but I wanted something simple, beautifying with high spf power, not something that takes mixing. I am not sure if it will fit my winter color either. 
All in all a bit of a bust and not the bomb I thought it was. 

Next is the argan wear translucent powder, which looks really nice ontop of the tinted moisturizer and comes with a mirror and brush. A huge minus is that it is scented and I hate the smell and can clearly smell it. I don't get why you would scent a powder! It feels nice and all but the smell will probably mean that I will give it to a friend. 
Exotically scented. Nope just nope. I should have read the package more careful. Why is the scent on the benefit list? It says the scent "instantly creates a lit-from-within glow". 

With the powder came a gift, which was a blush that is sadly scented too but not as heavily. 
That too came with a mirror and brush. I like the color, it is a bit like a medium between my two favorite blushes. It do however have some glitter in it which I only think highlighters should have. 
But I think the deeper layers of it is glitter free. 

I am really sad about the smell of these products because it is one of the only minuses but it matters a lot to me. 

fredag den 15. april 2016

American student

Finally a blog post as I promised! 

One about how it is to be a student in the states compared to Denmark. 

Let's first talk how ridiculous the paper work is! 
Haven't they heard of the Internet? Why can't I apply online for the things I need to? What's with all this paper? 
I sure hope they use recycled paper because they use a lot of it! 

Tests.. Let's talk tests and quizzes, it's more paper. 
Students with laptops are a rarity. My handwriting is getting exercised over here. My paper always looks like a mess by the time I hand it in. 

Do you know what a scantron is? Maybe by look but not by name. 
It's those pieces of papers where you black out dots that corresponds with an answer on a paper and it is confusing and easy to answer wrongly. 

Also.. Weekly quizzes! EVERY WEEK! 

Next let's talk layout. 
Chair and table are connected. You can't pull your chair closer to the table. 
If you're obese or pregnant, you might not even be able to sit there. 

You rarely have different classes with the same people. Because you put your classes together as you want, you might go directly from fitness to psych and have completely different classmates. It makes it harder to become actual friends and not that person you speak well with in that class and then you only see or speak to next time you have that class. It's really a shame. 

What more, what more... 
Maybe that's it for now 

mandag den 22. februar 2016

Random LA pictures - as per request

School in background
Cat and his midlife crisis about playtime
I met Iliza Schlesinger and cried a bit because I was so happy 
I'm totally hooked on lipstick 
Leaf or dinosuer claw? 
School coffee shop mocha and general psychology 
Santa Monica pier during magic hour 
Driving near the hills (I think at least) 
I need this sign from the prop market please 
Inside Los Angeles theater where they filmed season 5 of American horror story 

I love kombucha 
Charlie the dead school squirrel (he's not dead, he just decided to lie flat bellied after a little run) 
Best slushy lemonade in LA at yuko kitchen 

More Santa Monica 
Porch reading during magic hour with this beautiful sky above me 

torsdag den 18. februar 2016

No title because I can't think of a good one

When you are somewhat sad because you're bored and miss home and your friends ask you out, you say yes despite having P.E in the morning

And you end up in WeHo in a somewhat fancy place and you have a beer and become spacey because you forgot to eat something else than red vines but you feel happy, dreamy and calm enough to remember to update your mom about school because you've slacked on reporting to people at home. 

Also I said I would blog more when I got over here but I haven't found my writing vibe yet. As you can tell from this weird generalizing post. 

fredag den 12. februar 2016

First week at Los Angeles City College

I finished my first week at LACC yesterday.. but wait, that was a Thursday? Yes, we never have classes on Friday, but the school offers Saturday classes for people working during the week.

The classes and teachers are all I could hope for. I am so happy and motivated.

My psych 1 teacher is the badass woman with a Ph in clinical psychology. She's got stars tattooed on her arm, perfect red nails, addicted to coffee and she is so funny and cool while keeping authority and knowing a lot!

My other psych class was nothing as I expected. We got no books, no homework, no exams and no grades. We are also acting instead of getting taught. We do different scenerios with different attitudes and talk about communication. It's gonna be a crazy class.

Both my health teachers are really passionated about teaching and down to earth. They really want to teach but also learn from us.

I've already done one extra cred assignment, that is how excited I am about this. I wanna give it my all! I feel so motivated on life and I don't live as much through my phone as I used to! I do still watch a lot of netflix but I'm healthier on some other aspects already.
LA living is doing me good.

mandag den 8. februar 2016

LA living in pictures #1

Evening at the Griffith observatory 

The dark thing in the middle is Martins head 

If you use any of my picture, please credit me